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Mr. Michael (Changyao) Chen, CEO

EM Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited

EM Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited is our China region focused affiliate developing proprietary new ventures and providing customized Family Office Services for HNW Chinese entrepreneurs.  The firm also assists U.S. firms and investors considering and implementing China market entry strategies with emphasis on cross-border structuring, deep due diligence, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) risk and on-going monitoring and reporting.


Mr. Michael (Changyao) Chen is the CEO of EM Capital Management Hong Kong based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  He has over 25 years domestic capital markets and advisory experience and as a serial entrepreneur.   Michael began his financial services career right as the Chinese securities market began its rapid growth in the 1980's.  Early in his career, as president of a national full service securities firm, he grew the firm to over 5,000 employees with major brokerage and investment banking divisions.  Michael later was appointed president of a newly organized investment management firm owned by a Chinese trust and non-bank finance company, managing pre-licensing startup, product development and distribution.


Michael Chen and Seth R. Freeman have collaborated for over ten years.


Michael earned his Master in Economics degree from Hubei University, where he was awarded a special Fellowship to visit and study U.S. financial markets.


Michael may be contacted at

Please note that by calling our main number +1-415-796-9570 and choosing his extension you will be connected directly with Michael's mobile in China without long distance charges.


EM Capital Management Hong Kong professional services include:
- Supporting startups and mentoring entrepreneurs
- Deep local market due diligence and intelligence  
- Venture capital and private equity advice
- Financial structuring advice; 
- Strategic and operational advice and implementation
- Assisting Chinese companies seeking to incorporate global business best practices
- Property acquisition, development and financing advice
- CSR implementation and ESG reporting with objective to meet or exceed requirements of foreign institutional investors; 
- Exclusive licensing and distribution of leading foreign branded products for sale to Chinese consumers; 
- Food and Agriculture projects and importation for Chinese consumers
- China Automobile industry consulting and ventures
- Assisting Chinese clients and their children  in evaluating and selecting U.S. universities
- Assisting in initiating and setting-up Joint Ventures with foreign firms and investors

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